Free everyone, what you need to know about the game show that brings the escape room to TV

He arrives Free everyone!, a prime time comedy show inspired by the world of Escape Rooms. It is an original format created by Rai’s Prime Time Entertainment Directorate, in collaboration with Triangle Production, and is the first television show inspired by the world of Escape Rooms.
It will be broadcast from today, Monday 23 October, in prime time on Rai 2. Six appointments are scheduled.
The program is hosted by Bianca Guaccero with Peppe Iodice and I Gemelli di Guidonia. It involves the presence of 6 VIP guests who will find themselves facing incredible and very difficult challenges. Only in this way will they be able to hope to escape from the mysterious rooms in which they have been locked up for the game.

“A new production with which Rai, a public multimedia service, reconnects with its nature as a creative enterprise”, explains Marcello Ciannamea, director of the Prime Time Department. “There is no show of this type in Italy, perhaps not even in Europe. My hope is to see it serialized over the seasons.”

Escape Rooms are now “an international phenomenon also in terms of customs”, says producer Silvio Testi. Escape rooms were born for kids, but they grew up “as intelligent fun for the whole family, because they test not only physical ability but also intuition, the ability to react to surprises”, adds Testi.

The mechanism involves a room about which you know nothing, a series of puzzles and provocations and a mission: find the way out, and do it in the shortest time possible.

The Escape Rooms with different settings were set up in the Rai Auditorium in Naples

In the Rai Auditorium in Naples, four Escape Rooms have been set up with four different settings: from the Pirate Tavern to the Tropical Forest, from the inside of a Spaceship to the Post Office, from Dracula’s Castle to the Ball Museum, the protagonists of this Escape Room themed game show will be placed in the most disparate environments imaginable.

In each episode of the game show you will play in 4 different rooms from which to run away, with a total of 8 different settings, furnished differently to recreate various situations and environments, all of which are surprising.

The protagonists of the game show will have to solve puzzles and mysteries

The guests of each of the six episodes of which it is composed Free Everyone! they will be forced to solve puzzles, mysteries, puzzles and traps if they hope to escape from those walls. They won’t be able to hold back if they want to leave the rooms and conquer the words that will help them discover the Mysterious Phrase of the final game.

The program was designed to make both players and viewers feel as if they were inside a mysterious puzzle. The immersive and original environment in which the skills of the VIP guests will be tested will also make the audience feel inside the game.

The guests, from Ale and Franz to Elenoire Casalegno

At the Rai Auditorium in Naples there will be VIP guests playing in each episode. “In the first episode there will be Ale and Franz, Simone Montedoro, Maurizio Casagrande, LaMario and Elenoire Casalegno”, anticipates Fabio Di Iorio, Deputy Director of Prime Time Management. “Paolo Conticini, Gianmarco Pozzoli and Alice Mangione will also arrive in subsequent episodes”.

In each episode you will play in eight situations, including puzzles, mysteries and puzzles to solve. “It’s a bit of a metaphor for life,” says one of the hosts, Bianca Guaccero. “From certain situations, only by finding the right codes, which are the dynamics between human beings, can you get out of them. I? In my private life sometimes, yes, I had to run away. At work, fortunately, I have never needed it. I have always found the adventure that suited me at the right time. I have often changed stages: I grew up in fiction for twenty years, then I did theater and TV arrived. As in this program, you also need to learn to improvise and let yourself go to what life throws at you. Today I’m back on TV with an experiment and I’m always very curious.”

Bianca Guaccero returns to TV with Free everyone!

More than a year after the daily appointment with No sooner said than done, Bianca Guaccero returns to Rai 2. This is her first time leading a comedy show and the first time escape rooms have arrived on TV. Free everyone!, precisely, the new original format created by Rai’s Prime Time Entertainment Directorate, in collaboration with Triangle Production, starting on 23 October in prime time.

“After No sooner said than done I also had other proposals from the network”, explains Bianca Guaccero to Ansa. “But I asked myself some questions. I am ethically and professionally correct, I want to do things that stimulate me to grow. And then, it’s also important to live life. I had worked so hard in those four years: in addition to no sooner said than done there was A story to sing, the fiction Until the last beat I was going back and forth between Milan and Bari. I wanted to stop and be next to my daughter, guide her even through a delicate transition when we moved to Rome and she had to change schools, friends, everything . It is important to live, accumulate experiences and then be able to come back saying: now I want to tell you another story”, concludes Bianca Guaccero.