Free Ladies closed the villera summit in Conce with a flourish and Pablo Lescano surprised everyone in La Bodeguita de Nicanor

With ladies free As headliner this Saturday, cumbia villera took over the eighth region with a wonderful event that made everyone dance with their hands in the air. And without thinking about the cold, the more than five thousand people who participated in the shows arrived early and enjoyed bands where the sounds of new groups were mixed together with emblematic bands like The Rose and the emblematic ladies free in command of Paul Lecano.

Organized by the team Nicanor’s Little Winerywith Daniel Gomez at the head, the cumbia party could not have had a better stage. A wide space, with bars, food sectors, comfortable entrances and a huge stage equipped for a great occasion, a day was held that was marked by the good behavior of the public and by an organization that did not leave any detail to neglect, something that thanks and applause.

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The villera summit in Espacio Marina

Those in charge of opening the fires were the group of gilda forever, who put the public in a wave to the rhythm of Latin American cumbia classics. Then came the turn of Mary Silva, who gave rise to covers and her own songs for the entrance on stage of the first emblematic band of the night: La Rosa.

With songs like If I were him, or I can’t believe it, La Rosa brought out the first sounds of that neighborhood cumbia, of parties in gyms and summers of melon and wine. And they sounded solid due to a tradition on their backs with which they were able to beat the cold night of Talcahuano with rhythm and rigor.

Then came the turn of the Crazy Pepe’s Band, who with power, a repertoire full of classic openwork watermelons from the villera, and with a leader who takes the stage with charisma and talent, simply broke it. They performed songs like “Qué calor”, by the Pibes Chorros; “Your Jail” by Marco Antonio Solis; “La Cumbia de los rags” by Yerba Brava and they even had time to share an emotional version of “A kiss and a flower” with which they close their show.

After the crazy pepe a local group appeared on the scene, Cumbia with deliriumwho had the difficult mission of preceding the main course of the night and did not fade, putting on a sober and careful show of cumbia that put people in the frequency of what was coming.

Free Ladies lit up the cold night of the eighth region with the number one villera

Since it was known that ladies free would perform in the eighth region no one was indifferent, since the band led by Paul Lescano It is without a doubt the most important group of cumbia villera and, incidentally, Lescano has become one of the most important referents of Argentine music.

Owners of a unique sound and empowered with songs that brought neighborhood and slum life to radio and television, Damas Gratis put on stage a generous and abundant show where their most famous songs were heard.

Of course they played Don’t think so important and You’re going to miss me, two songs that have played a lot after they became popular on YouTube in the version that Lescano’s band did with Viru Kumbieron, bringing Damas Gratis to a larger audience. However, it was the more street songs, such as You are a button, The owners of the pavilion, The smoke of my fasito or Look how the vagrancy is that made the public take off their shirts despite the cold.

And with almost two hours of show putting on the entire repertoire with which Carlos Menem once called them an “ode to the rogues” the Free Ladies closed an exceptional night that left the audience applauding happily and the organization with the joy of having provided a show that, despite the pandemic restrictions, filled the day and generated a new record of good shows for a region that knows good music well.

Bonus track: Pablo Lescano sang at La Bodeguita de Nicanor

Although it is customary for large groups and soloists to perform week after week at the Aníbal Pinto street venue in Concepción, it is not common for a figure like Pablo Lescano to suddenly appear and sing some cumbias in the middle of the night. And so it happened.

El Loco Pepe went with his entire band to give an impromptu recital at La Bodeguita de Nicanor, where minutes before neither more nor less than La Cubanacán had performed. And in this context of surprises, something unexpected and wonderful happened, because Pablo Lescano, who dropped by La Bodeguita de Nicanor to share a few drinks with his friends and enjoy the show afterward, ended up being invited to play a couple of songs above From Stage.

I would dare to say that it is the first time that Paul Lescano he plays in a small, intimate and niche venue, such as La Bodeguita. That is why the moment was historic and unrepeatable. Especially for the hundred or so people who were there that night and who suddenly ended up applauding and cheering the leader of ladies free who generously gave us an incredible moment.

For my part, I can only give a standing ovation to the organization of Nicanor’s Little Wineryand its owner, Daniel Gomezwho through insistence and rigor managed to ladies free came to Conce not just once, but twice in the same day, making the cumbia villera shine and setting the bohemian night on fire with a Saturday that “A Todo Ritmo” remained in history.

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