Free market for electricity and gas: how to navigate the prices?

How can a consumer juggle the various offers on the free gas market? What is the most convenient choice between fixed price and variable price? The answers in the video.

End of the protected market for electricity and gas: from 10 January we will move to the free market for methane, while for electricity we will have to wait until April. How can consumers juggle the many offers?

The free market will be characterized by two types of prices: a fixed one, established in advance and stable for 12-24 months, and a variable one, which will depend on market fluctuations. In addition to these differences, in both cases one party will be affected by a fixed amount for marketing and sales. We also talked about it here.

It is often difficult for consumers to read the bill, make the correct comparison, understand how much the raw material costs on one side and the other, and what type of offers there are. What are the tips to allow consumers to better navigate this offer? Is it better to choose a fixed price or a variable price?

On Sky Tg24 Business Diego Pellegrino (Energy Reseller and Trader Association), responded to these doubts, providing some advice to consumers on how to choose the most advantageous offer for them.

In the episode of Sky Tg24 Business on Thursday 30 November (watch it here), there will also be space for the price of oil, the slowdown in inflation and the new challenges of artificial intelligence: what are the false fears and the real risks? They were the ones who responded Gian Marco Salcioli (Assiom Forex) e Stefano da Empoli (President of I-Com).