Free online registry certificates, how to get them in a few clicks

From tomorrow 14 documents will be downloadable from the National Registry platform

Online registry certificates, free and available from tomorrow through the online platform of the National Registry 14 digital registry certificates, directly downloadable by the user. To get them you will need a few simple steps, precisely with a view to allowing the entire population to access the service without difficulty, quickly and from home, thus avoiding going to public offices.

To use the service it will be enough connect to one of the two addresses and ed access through one of the identification methods: with the electronic identity card (Cie), with the Public Digital Identity System (Spid) or with the National Services Card (Cns).

Once logged in just enter the new ‘Certificates’ section, which from tomorrow will be added to those already present. Once the required document has been selected, it will be possible to preview it, so as to verify the correctness of the data, and then download it in pdf format or receive it via email.