‘Free Palestine’, demonstration today in Rome: hundreds in the square

Flags and banners in the heart of the capital

Hundreds of people gathered in Piazza Vittorio, in the heart of Rome, to demonstrate in support of Palestine. ‘Free Palestine’ is the chorus they sing amid smoke bombs, applause and smoke bombs. Lots of flags and banners. “We couldn’t not come today to support the cause of people like us a duty to be here” Puria and Mària, Iranian husband and wife, tell Adnkronos.

While a young protester from the van leading the procession towards Piazzale Tiburtino chants: “I was born in Gaza where I cannot return, where my grandmother still has the keys to a house that we don’t even know who lives in it today. Colonized by the Israeli occupiers, my city is a prison from which it is not only difficult to escape but to which it is also difficult to return. As a child – she shouts – I experienced first-hand the bombings that have never stopped devastating us . I haven’t heard from my family for days, I don’t know where they are, if they are alive or dead. For me, Gaza is home, and everyone who lives there is family. My people were forced to abandon their city, becoming refugees due to the colonization that has lasted since 1948. In the Gaza strip people are massacred, left to die without water, food, electricity. A genocide before the eyes of the world”.