Freediving world record in icy waters without wetsuit. David Vencl’s video

Record dive under the ice at a depth of more than 50 meters without a wetsuit. This is the feat accomplished by David Vencl, a 40-year-old diver of Czech origins who on Tuesday 14 March made a vertical dive into the depths of the Swiss lake of Sils. The man reached the depth of 52.1 meters in a single breath and thus broke his own record from 2021, when he entered the Guinness Book of Records for swimming in a frozen Czech lake.

Slower dive than expected

Vencl dived through a hole in the ice and before surfacing recovered a sticker at a depth of 50 meters to demonstrate his feat. When he surfaced he spat blood, sat for a minute and then opened a bottle of champagne. The diver was immediately examined by doctors and a subsequent visit to the hospital confirmed the man’s new health. For the dive into the Swiss lake, at temperatures between 1 and 4 degrees Celsius, Vencl took 1 minute and 54 seconds. His promoter, Pavel Kalous, said the dive was a little slower than expected.

Unique enterprise

Kalous said he enjoyed the feat, but admitted “that he was a little more nervous than usual and was having some trouble breathing.” “There is nothing difficult for him about being in cold water – he added – The lack of oxygen is something normal for him. But this was completely different because it is really difficult to work with pressure in the ears in cold water.” . And he concluded: “If you combine all three things: cold water, lack of oxygen and the problem of working with pressure, it was something very unique.”