Frenèsya, White Noise is an emotion that overwhelms us: the video

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White Noise it was born as a liberating song. It wants to convey energy and bring about that feeling of lightness and pleasure you feel when you finally feel good about yourself and feel completed by a close person. It’s the song that gives the title to our first self-titled EP, and it plays on this metaphor: when a strong emotion completely overwhelms you and you finally manage to find someone to share it with. It’s the same pleasure that white noise gives. Over the last year we realized that the Hyper pop and Drum & Bass sounds were like a tailor-made suit for our artistic vision: we fell in love with them and thanks to this evolution we are able to best convey our energy.

This song is part of a larger project, born from the need to tell our way of seeing the world. We all live in chaos, that deafening noise that hypnotizes us in a life made up of everyday life. In the frenzy we forget what really matters. We often feel too much confusion and few important words: with this EP we wanted to do the opposite. Scientifically, “white noise” is a sound made up of the union of all frequencies, which has a calming effect on us. Its sound recalls the amplification of silence, which can often be frightening, but which we have listened to and transformed into music, starting from the silent nature of the peripheral area of ​​Rome where we were born. It is precisely from this imagery that we wanted to start to shape the official video of the song, shot in a natural intertwining of contrasts and colours. A location in which the color white stands out, which best conveys the emotions and sounds we want to convey and which has allowed us to move our art even into images, between solfataras and natural expanses. From here, our small rebirth and a new step for our career thanks to the methodical attention dedicated to the world of Visual. In this seemingly sparse environment, yet full of life and hidden meanings, we managed to reconcile our deepest emotions with an energy we almost didn’t believe we had. Perhaps the strongest image in this video is the one that portrays us inside a bend in a dried up river: there, in the midst of an “old life” that has never left us, we understood which one really could be our new starting point.

Thanks to the team of young creatives signed “St’art Factory” we have made our vision concrete and we are really happy with the result we have obtained. With the boys, we took care of the location in harmony with our ideas, the clothes that could best blend with that nature, the aesthetic details that supported our story: all these elements helped us overcome the obstacles that music alone he could not bring down