Friends 21, everyone noticed Sissi’s tattoo – it’s right there

Sissi is among the singers of Amici 21, but have you noticed that tattoo too? It is really impossible not to notice: here it is.

The path of Sissi in the school of Friends 21 it was, right from the start, impressive. Having joined the class at a later time compared to some of her classmates, the very young Cesana easily conquered everyone. Do you remember, in fact, that each teacher would have wanted her in their class, but was it she who chose Lorella Cuccarini?

Have you also noticed that tattoo by Sissi, a talent of Amici 21? Credits: instagram

As well as his path in everyday life, even the one during the evening continues to be sensational. Whether it’s a single test, a gauntlet, a choir or a duel, Sissi always manages to get all the judges to agree. What do you say, will she be the winner of this twenty-first edition of the talent? We’ll see! In the meantime, there is a “detail” that we have noticed in the course of her performances and that we absolutely want to tell you about. On her body, Sissi has several tattoos: there is one, however, that has most caught our attention. Have you seen it too? It is really impossible not to notice.

Have you also noticed the tattoo of Sissi, singer of Amici 21?

The participation of Sissi to Amici it is by no means his first time in a talent show. A few years before her entry into Maria De Filippi’s school, in fact, the young woman participated in X-factor. And she, even though she didn’t win, she still managed to conquer everyone with her skill. What will become of her now? Together with many other travel companions, the very young Cesana also has what it takes to prove herself a winner, but for this we have to wait a little longer.

There is a “detail” of Sissi that, however, we can not help but tell you! As we said, it would seem that the young singer of Amici 21 has a passion for i tattoos. On Novella 2000, in fact, we read that he has several and that one is also dedicated to his mother, with whom he has a very special relationship. Did you notice, however, the one tattooed under the forearm? We do and, we assure you, it’s really crazy. Here it is.

sissi tattoo
Credits: Instagram

You have seen very well, yes! It is a tattoo dedicated to Amy Winehouse, the beloved singer who passed away in 2011. Apparently, therefore, Sissi felt a certain admiration for the singer-songwriter, so much so as to draw her face even on her body.