Friends 21, two students eliminated: twist in the school

Two students of Amici 21 have been eliminated, a twist in the most famous school in Italy: that’s who it is

Yesterday afternoon a new episode of the talent show hosted by Maria De Filippi was recorded. In the studio there were some challenges and two students were unable to overcome it. There were therefore two eliminations. Are you curious to know who it is? If so, keep reading the article.

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Friends 21, two students were eliminated: who they are (Source: screen video Instagram)

Friends 21, two students eliminated

The twenty-first edition of the talent show “Friends“Comes alive. The pupils continue their race towards the evening. Only a few will manage to get the sweatshirt. Every week singers And dancers they hold challenges at the heart of the study.

In yesterday afternoon’s registration, two students did not pass the challenge and had to abandon the most famous school in Italy forever. A real twist for the fans of the program. Two eliminations obviously correspond to two new entries. But do you want to know who was eliminated?

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(Source: Instagram screen video)

Yesterday afternoon a new episode of “Amici” was recorded, which will be broadcast on Sunday 28 November 2021 on Canale 5. In the studio there were two eliminations. Simone And Andrewin fact, they did not overcome the challenge and had to abandon school forever. Andrea, among other things, had recently entered the talent show.

In their place two new singers have entered. They are not, however, the only entrances to the most famous school in Italy. Professor Alessandra Celentano proposed to her colleagues and the production to add a new bench for a dancer she thinks is talented. The proposal was accepted and consequently the dancer entered without making the challenge.

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The dancer Carola also took up the challenge and managed to overcome it. The pupil of the teacher Alessandra Celentano will therefore remain in the school and will be able to compete for the evening of the talent show.