Friends 22, an important communication arrives: it will happen on Sunday

The evening of Amici 22 is getting closer and an important communication arrives for the students: what will happen on Sunday.

There is just over a week until the evening of Friends 22. The edition is about to enter the final phase, the most exciting one, which this year too will be staged in prime time. As always, Maria De Filippi will keep the public company on Saturday evening and the first episode is set for Saturday March 18, 2023. First, however, there is the last appointment with the afternoon, which will prove to be of fundamental importance.

Amici 22, the communication of the production – credits Mediaset Infinity (

In the daytime broadcast on Friday 10 March, in fact, the boys received unexpected communicationwhile they were at home. News that shuffled the cards, changing everything. There decision (drastic) of the production was communicated to the boys through a note, which was read to all by the dancer Benedetta. Words that stunned the competitors, who didn’t expect at all to have to deal with this obstacle. It will all happen during the episode of Sunday, March 12, 2023: Here’s what it is.

Friends 22, an unexpected communication arrives in the house: everything changes

Cristiano Malgioglio, Giuseppe Giofrè and Michele Bravi, they will be the ones to judge the performances of the Amici 22 contestants, evaluating their preparation and decreeing winners and losers. The Canale 5 audience welcomed the news about the new trio on the jury with enthusiasm and can’t wait to see them at work between choreographies and covers. But who are the guys who will be able to go all out in the evening? A question that, to date, leaves many doubts with it. A communication when it came to the boys it changed everything and for many of them there is no good news. What will happen on Sunday?

Friends, the pupils receive the communication
Amici 22, the competitors receive the communication – Credits Mediaset Infinity (

All gold jerseys from the evening will be collected! That’s right: all the guys who had so far won a place in the evening will come back at risk, just like everyone else. This was announced by the production, which was forced to take this drastic decision for a very specific reason. “Only some teachers have legitimately decided to select their respective students in view of the evening and there are no evening shirts for everyone“, reads the press release read by Benedetta. For this reason, during Sunday’s episode, the jerseys of all those who have received them so far will be collected. So how will the new students deserving of the gold sweatshirt be chosen?

“To determine which of you will access the evening of Amici a selection will be made among all the singing and dance teachersaccording to the modalities that you will discover in the episode”, it is read. Everything is at stake again, in short, for everyone. Including Ramon and Isobel, who got the gold hoodie first, a long time ago. The news inevitably shocked everyone, but the reactions of the various students were different.I disagree not for me but for those who already have it, those who have earned it have earned it “is the opinion of Ndg, while Mattia, Alessio and most of the boys think it is a choice made for equity, so that everyone starts from the same plan and is evaluated on the basis of the same criterion. Who will be able to conquer (or regain) the coveted gold sweatshirt? Appointment on Sunday 12 March at 14 to find out.