Friends 22, Angelina’s father is known to all: do you know who her mother is? She is famous too

Angelina is among the new students of the Amici 22 school, but do you know who her mother is? She is also very famous: you would never imagine her!

In addition to Men and women, which continues to give us incredible twists during the episodes, Amici is also among the most popular TV programs ever. Now in its twenty-second edition, Maria De Filippi’s talent allows several young people to pursue their dreams in the field of music and dance, becoming real number one in their discipline.

Angelina Mango. credits: Mediaset Play

Waiting to know which kids will go to the final phase, the kids from Amici’s school continue to carry out their tasks and challenges, never missing an opportunity to demonstrate their worth. Between the ‘programmed’ ones and, instead, the immediate ones, each boy always puts himself to the test. And most of the time he comes out on top.

What, however, happened during the last afternoon of Friends it took everyone by surprise. Classified in last place after a race, the young Ascanio was challenged against Angelina, young singer from Maratea, and had to leave school forever. Speaking of this last talent, you know who hers is mother? His late father was a great Italian music and is known to all, but who is his mother?

Who is the mother of Angelina Mango, the young talent of Amici 22?

At first with a cover and, later, with an unreleased one of hers, Angelina Mango completely left Carlo Di Francesco stunned, judge of her match against Ascanio, and Arisa, who strongly wanted her in his team. Just twenty-two years old, the young woman from Maratea immediately demonstrated that she had a strong passion for music. And to have quite clear ideas about her future. We don’t know how she will finish her journey in the most famous school in Italy, but we are certain that she will go very, very far. We assure you: her talent is impressive!

Waiting to find out what will become of her, are you curious to know something more? From the surname that she has of her, it is clear that Angelina is the daughter of the famous Mango, a beloved Italian singer-songwriter who died in 2014, but who is her mother? Her father, as we said, is known to all good music lovers, but her mother?

Perhaps not everyone imagines it, but Angelina grew up on ‘bread and music’. In addition to her father, in fact, her mother is also a singer. Her name is Laura Valente and, among her greatest successes in her career, there is also participation in the Matia Bazar band at the time of Antonella Ruggiero’s farewell.

mother angelina friends
Mother Angeline. Credits: Mediaset Play

What will become of Angelina in Amici’s school? We just have to follow all the episodes of the talent carefully and cheer for her!