Friends 22, first ‘squabbles’ among teachers: what happened

Friends 22, the first squabbles between the teachers come out and the first jokes are not long in coming, what happened

A week now from the great restart of the most popular television programs, we are attached to the screen so as not to miss any updates of the most loved ones. Among these there is certainly the very popular talent conducted by Maria De Filippi.

friends, first squabbles among teachers (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

Well we’re talking about Friends, the talent that to date has reached its twenty-second edition broadcast on Canale 5. A successful talent that has allowed in recent years to form the future faces of the world of music and entertainment. There are many known voices to date that have made their journey within the walls of the coveted school, and many are the dancers who have faced and lived their training path with dance steps and then spread their wings outside. Like every edition, even in this one that has just begun there was no lack of first ‘squabbles’ among teachers. What happened this time?

Amici 22, Arisa vs Rudy Zerbi: “He doesn’t know how to count more”

About a week ago, we witnessed the selection of the first competing students who took part in this new edition of the talent. Among these, we have known the dessert Andre.

The young singer, during his presentation performance for obtaining the bench inside the school, took a full no from Rudy Zerbi who did not find his singing test exhilarating. On the contrary instead of Arisa who found his voice impressive instead of him. In fact, from the singing teacher, Andre received a Yes that led him to obtain the fateful jersey. However, the first tests to be sustained arrive, and the master Zerbi has thus commissioned a test from Andre, according to Arisa, very difficult.

Inside the letter explaining the reasons of the teacher Zerbi regarding his choice, the teacher referred to the grade he gave to Andre during his performance.

friends teachers
Arisa and Andre (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

And so the teacher Arisa, curious, asked what grade the teacher Zerbi had given to Andre. The young man replied: “1”. At that 1, the singing teacher made fun of: “Don’t worry, he doesn’t know how to count more“. The joke then ended up on social media and went viral in a short time. Will Andre be able to make maestro Zerbi change his mind? We will find out in the next episode.