Friends, after a few days already bad news for him: very hard blow

Friends, after a few days already bad news for him: hard blow for one of the students of the new edition.

Here we are! The new class of Friends is full and the contestants can’t wait to start this incredible adventure in the most famous school on TV. An adventure during which, however, there will be obstacles.

The class of Amici 22 (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

The students know that they will have to defend their desk tooth and nail: anyone, at any time, can ‘steal’ Amici’s sweatshirt from those who have already conquered it. Singers and dancers will have to give continuous confirmations to the teachers who have bet on them, proving that they deserve the place in the school. For one of them, however, one has already arrived bad news. Yesterday, 21 September 2022, the second episode of the afternoon was recorded, which we will see broadcast on Canale 5 next Sunday. Are you curious to find out what happened? We tell you everything.

Bad news for the Amici dancer: the advances

The twenty-second edition of the longest-running talent show on our TV started with a bang. Also this year, Amici started in September and for the students it will be a long year of lessons, work and emotions. But also of obstacles. Amici News has revealed a preview of what happened in the second recording of this edition and we can tell you that there was no elimination! However, someone received an unexpected surprise …

For one of the students, the much feared suspended shirt has already arrived and the reason is truly incredible. It was the decision Alessandra Celentano, who chose to suspend the mesh right to his pupil Ramon. The teacher considers the latter an excellent dancer, as he has already pointed out several times in recent days. So what is the reason for his decision?

As Amici News reports, the Celentano teacher showed three photos in which the student would not respect the decorum, for he is not in his home. We remind you that the competitors all live together in the house and are watched by the watchful eye of the cameras. In one of the images, the dancer is wearing a costume: it seems that Ramon is sleeping in his bathing suit, without wearing pajamas. Pajamas that they then made him wear during the registration! According to reports, many, including Ramon, have believed the provision of Celentano a little excessive compared to what happened. Will the teacher retrace her steps and change her mind about her pupil?

bad news friends
Ramon di Amici (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

We just have to wait to find out what the fate of the young classical dancer will be. Will he be able to regain his ‘steady job’ in the school and change his teacher’s mind? Continue to follow us for all the previews of the twenty-second edition of Amici.