Friends, Aka7even and LDA engaged to two sisters: that’s who they are

The former competitors of Amici Aka7even and LDA have found love with two sisters: they are two very famous twins.

They were two absolute protagonists of Maria De Filippi’s talent show, but in two different editions. aka7even he enchanted everyone with his voice during the twentieth edition of Amici, while LDA he delighted the audience in the next one. They share a passion for singing and Neapolitan origins, but not only…

Aka7even and LDA, the singers’ girlfriends are sisters – credits Mediaset Infinity (

The two alumni of friends they have become ‘brothers-in-law’! Yes, you read right. They both came out of the closet with their new flames, which they are sisters. The announcement came as usually happens in the era of social media, through a shot shared in Instagram stories.

When Luca Marzano, real name of Aka7even, revealed the identity of his new half, the most attentive fans didn’t take long to notice that it was really the twin sister of the girlfriend of another young Neapolitan artist, Lda. Who are the lucky twins? We know them very well!

Friends, Aka7even and LDA got engaged to two sisters – that’s who it is

A magical time for Aka7even and LDA, not only from an artistic point of view. After participating in Amici 22, a career began for the two Neapolitan singers that is constantly on the rise. Both have already climbed (very young) on ​​the Ariston stage, achieving enormous success. But the joys for the two alumni of Maria De Filippi’s show do not only concern the workplace: everything is going swimmingly even in love! The two young artists they are engaged to two wonderful twin sisters:

Aka7even and LDA's girlfriends
Aka7even and LDA with the Galluccio sisters – Credits Instagram (

It’s about Francesca and Miriam Galluccio, two Neapolitan twins, very famous on Tik Tok: the first is linked to Aka7even, while Miriam is the new partner of Gigi D’Alessio’s son. On the famous social platform, the 21-year-olds manage a couple profile called “Galluccio Twins” and followed by over 50 thousand followers. A profile in which they share dances and funny clips, replicating the most famous trends of the moment. As can be read in the bios of their respective social profiles, the Galluccio sisters study Fashion at the Vanvitelli University of Naples.

It is not known when exactly the love stories of Amici’s exes were born. LDA came out of the closet a few weeks ago, with a romantic photo of a kiss of his Miriam, shared by the young girl: apparently, however, the story has been going on for months. The first couple shot of Aka7even and Francesca, on the other hand, has only popped up in the past few hours, but the two seem more close than ever. We just have to wish all the happiness in the world to these new couples. Do you like them together?