Friends, everyone is wondering: when the new edition begins, the date ticks

Amici 22 is missing less and less and fans can’t wait, but when does the new edition of the talent start? Let’s see what came up.

As always, there is great anticipation for the debut of the new edition of Friends which for sure will keep millions and millions of viewers glued to the TV this time too. After two hugely successful seasons, the expectations on the talent of Maria De Filippi they are very tall but the hostess will know how not to disappoint the audience.

Friends long awaited news (Credits: Witty Tv)

Friends 22 will air as usual on the Sunday afternoon before very true and during the week from Monday to Friday there will be the daily strip on Canale 5 afterwards Men and women. Only when the program has begun will we be able to witness the formation of the class of young talents who will populate the school.

In recent weeks, many rumors have circulated about reconfirmed professors and those who will be replaced. Just like students, teachers also have their supporters and dtractors so it is natural that there is a lot of curiosity around this data. At the moment there has been no official announcement about it, but various clues seem to confirm the absence of Anna Pettinelli and Veronica Peparini. The two, needless to say, have led the same teams in recent seasons.

The dance teacher then launched a somewhat cryptic message on social media in which many saw a ‘dig’ at the “Queen Mary” program. The release of Andreas Muller’s companion was anticipated by Davide Maggio’s website, news also reported by the page Friends News. The latter source also revealed another important detail, which is what everyone wants to know, namely the alleged start date of the talent.

When Amici 22 begins: the possible date jumps out, sensational spoiler

According to what was revealed by Davide Maggio, instead of the famous radio speaker and Giuliano Peparini’s sister there will be Arisa (not new in this role) and the Roman singer-songwriter, dancer, choreographer and director Emanuel Lo, born Emanuel Lo Iacono, companion of the singer Giorgia. Even the latter has already worked with Maria in the past: in 2016 he entered the talent as a hip hop judge, remember? In recent years we have seen him then in the role of external judge and now he would be ready to make all his skills available to the boys again.

Friends News has also revealed when the transmission will resume: according to what was leaked, the start date would be set for Sunday 18 September. Also for this 22nd season the Sunday appointments will end in spring. In fact, it will be then that the evening phase will begin, which Canale 5 will almost certainly deploy as a workhorse on Saturday evening.

Friends when it starts
Friends new edition (Credits: Witty Tv)

Waiting for the official announcement, you too can’t wait to discover all the news of Friends 22?