Friends, Francesca Tocca in tears: the ‘fault’ belongs to Maria De Filippi, what she did

Francesca Touch in tears to “Amici”, the ‘fault’ is of Maria De Filippi: this is what the presenter of the talent show did

Emotion in the talent show of Canale 5: the professional dancer could not hold back her tears. And whose ‘fault’ do you know whose it is? Just by Maria De Filippi. Do you want to know what the host did? If so, keep reading the article and you will find out.

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Friends, Francesca Tocca in tears: what happened (Source: Instagram screen video)

Friends, Francesco Tocca in tears: what happened

Francesca Touch is one of the protagonists of the talent show broadcast on Canale 5 and hosted by Maria De Filippi. The dancer often performs in Latin American demonstrations and has been one of the faces of the program for years.

This year the Tocca met with her husband: Raimondo Todaro, in fact, was chosen by De Filippi as professor of the dance category. The two have recently also been the protagonists of some truly creepy performances in the studio of “Amici”.

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In the last few hours, however, Francesca was the protagonist of a very moving moment. The professional dancer, in fact, was unable to hold back her tears in front of the talent show host. In reality, the ‘fault’ belongs to Maria De Filippi. Below we explain what happened in daytime from Friends aired yesterday afternoon on Canale 5.

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Francesca Tocca, professional Friends
(screen mediaset infinity)

In yesterday afternoon’s episode of the daytime of the talent show, Francesca Tocca was unable to hold back her tears. It was Maria De Filippi who made the professional dancer cry. The presenter, in fact, kept Tocca and Elena D’Amario in the rehearsal room to have a confrontation with the singer Aisha. The latter feels unsure of herself and above all not very comfortable with her body.

Maria asked Francesca how she felt with her body instead and the dancer burst into tears. In fact, she too confessed to having problems with her body. The dancer feels she no longer has the brilliance of the past: “When I walk around Rome I am happy with my forms, but when I work I feel that I am not the same as I used to be“.