Friends, Giulia Pauselli and Marcello Sacchetta have become parents: their son Romeo is born

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Giulia Pauselli and companion Marcello Sacchetta they had their first child, Romeo Maria. The professional dancers of the talent Friends gave the happy announcement with a post published on Instagram.

Giulia Pauselli and Marcello Sacchetta, the post

“From now on you call me ‘Love’, and I will no longer be Romeo for you, because you will have renamed me” wrote Giulia Pauselli and Marcello Sacchetta on Instagram, quoting Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. “Today 30/08/22 08:18 am Romeo Maria Sacchetta was born, a new Mom and a new Dad. The emotion is indescribable ”wrote the two dancers. Lots of comments and wishes from fans and VIP friends, including Elisabetta Gregoraci, who wrote “Congratulations guys, how wonderful. Welcome little Romeo ”. Greetings also from Giulia De Lellis, Beatrice Valli, Paolo Ciavarro and Flavio Montrucchio. In the photo you can see Giulia’s hand, wearing a ring with the words “Mom” on her finger, while she touches the hand of the newcomer, who in turn squeezes the finger of her new father. It was the same to announce the pregnancy Marcello Sacchetta during an episode of Friends.