Friends, “I would like you to realize”: very hard reaction, heavy words

Harsh reaction in the talent show “Friends”, heavy words fly: “I would like you to realize”, that’s what happened

Tense air in the program conducted by Maria De Filippi on Canale 5. There was a very harsh reaction from one of the protagonists of the talent show and heavy words flew. Do you want to know what happened? If so, keep reading the article and you will find out.

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Friends 21, hard reaction: heavy words fly (Source: Instagram screen video)

Friends, hard reaction: what happened

The twenty-first edition of the talent show “Friends”By Maria De Filippi comes to life. The students of the most famous school in Italy continue their race towards the evening. There are challenges and eliminations every week. In the last recording of the talent show, for example, there were three eliminations. Obviously, each elimination corresponds to a new entry into the school.

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The pupils they are being trained in the school, trying to hone their qualities. Challenges also serve for better. Furthermore, the support of the professors and professionals present in the talent is a fundamental tool. And finally, in the school of “Friends” also criticism can be benefited.

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In one of the daytime aired in recent days, one of the professors had a very hard reaction against one of the students of the talent show. Heavy words flew and the student felt very touched by the teacher’s words. Do you want to know what happened? If so, keep reading the article and you will find out.

It’s the professor Rudy Zerbi to call the pupil to order Sunrises, belonging to Anna Pettinelli. It was the latter that triggered the spark. Since the professor wanted to demonstrate how Zerbi’s students, especially LDA, get into trouble when they don’t perform in their own ‘field’, the professor also wanted to do the same.

Friends 21,
(screen mediaset infinity)

Zerbi showed how many times Albe got out of tune during the last episode of the talent show. The professor expressed a very heavy judgment on the student, who obviously felt burned by Zerbi’s words.