Friends, it had never happened before: sensational twist

Resounding twist to Amici: nothing like this had ever happened before, the whole audience of Canale 5 is speechless.

We knew this year’s edition of Friends it would have been full of twists, but we never expected something like this. Starting from the farewell of Anna Pettinelli, who recently revealed the current relations with Maria De Filippi, and of Veronica Peparini until the return to class of a former face of the talent, the Canale 5 program is proving to be full of surprises.

Friends 22 incredible. Credits: Instagram

On Sunday 2 October a new and unmissable special episode of Amici will be waiting for us. During this fourth appointment we will not only talk about what some of the singers have done, for which they will receive a harsh measure, but we will also talk about what happened in the house in the meantime, which will have irreversible consequences. This is something truly incredible, which has left the entire audience of the talent completely speechless!

It was not never happened before from now on throughout the history of Friends! Of course, in recent years there has been a ‘strike’ and a protest by young talents, but what has happened recently has never been seen before.

Never happened before to Amici: public displaced, what happened

It will also be about 22 years since the first edition of Friends, during which we have seen some cooked and raw, but what happened in the last few hours had never happened before now. Let’s rewind the tape for a moment!

In the course of the last episodes from the daytime of Amici, Ludovica received an assignment from the teacher Celentano. Convinced that the body of the young Grimaldi does not correspond at all to that of a dancer, she has assigned her a choreography to do in the studio and to dance on heels, in culottes and bra. A task that for many could be routine, but for Ludovica it is not at all. To her cameras, in fact, she told of being aware of the limits of her body and of feeling so embarrassed in front of such a test. A motivation, therefore, more than legitimate, which prompted her professor Emanuel Lo to reject the test.

As soon as she returned to the cottage and her teacher’s decision revealed, Ramon took the floor. And he advised his partner to prepare the choreography anyway, but to have to say in the episode that he wanted to play it dressed. It is, as we can clearly understand, a very simple piece of advice, which, however, was not frowned upon even by Emanuel Lo. Returning to school to be able to talk to her teacher about what she had decided, the choreographer was firm and decisive in her opinion of her: “But is Ramon a professor? You should do business with him “, confirming what was said in the previous meeting.

friends never happened before
Ludovica. Credits: Mediaset

In your opinion, was Ramon right to advise his partner? Recall that the dancer is a pupil of Alessandra Celentano and that, until now, no one had ever so ‘sided’ openly against the ideas of their teacher.

The decision of Alessandra Celentano

Faced with such behavior never seen before, Alessandra Celentano did not hold back from having her say and making her decision. Just like last week, Ramon’s shirt was suspended for this time as well. But do you think it ended here? Far from it! Faced with this stance against her, the ballet teacher has invited her student to change teacher if he really does not agree with her ideas. In short, we will see some beautiful Sunday. As always, on the other hand!