Friends, LDA wins his first gold record: did you see how dad Gigi reacted?

During the episode of Amici, LDA won its first gold record: did you see how dad Gigi reacted? Not to be missed!

A decidedly important goal, the one achieved by LDA! For the first time ever during this twenty-first edition of Amici, he was the one to win the first gold record: Luca D’Alessio!

LDA has won the gold record, the reaction of the father arrives. Photo Source: Instagram

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Since its first time in Amici’s studio, the unpublished ‘What is hurting’ has shown that it has all the credentials to prove itself a real success. And now, a week after the beginning of this twenty-first edition of Maria De Filippi’s talent, we have the confirmation. During the episode of Sunday 5 December, LDA was awarded by Anna Pettinelli. And he received the coveted Gold Record. In short, a very important award. And that underlines his talent. Are you curious, though, to know how his dad reacted? We know very well that, albeit from a distance, Gigi D’Alessio follows his son. And he never misses an opportunity to show him his closeness. How will he have reacted, however, to his gold record?

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LDA wins its first gold record: the reaction of Gigi D’Alessio arrives

It is absolutely not the first time that Gigi D’Alessio has clearly made it clear that he is following his son in Amici’s school. And to be very proud of him. It is precisely for this reason that after getting his first Gold Record, the Neapolitan singer could not help but react to this magnificent news.

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If these are the conditions, we are convinced that LDA will do great things in Amici’s school. Are you curious, however, to know how Gigi D’Alessio reacted to this incredible achievement of his son? The news, as you can clearly understand, is quite sensational. And the Neapolitan singer couldn’t help but express his joy. Let’s find out what he did!

LDA gold record
Photo Source: Instagram

You have seen very well, yes! At Amici’s Instagram post in which the recognition attributed to LDA is emphasized, Gigi D’Alessio could not help but click his ‘like’.