Friends, “Love story that never existed”: shocking twist

Friends, “Love story that never existed”: shocking twist; the words of the former competitor do not go unnoticed.

It is the most loved talent show on our TV and also the longest running. It is about Friends of Maria De Filippi, which, shortly, will be back on the air with a new edition. Edition during which a new class of students will follow the lessons in the most famous school on the small screen.

Friends (Credits Witty Tv)

In addition to following the lessons, however, the competitors will live together for several months, in a shared house. A sort of ‘reality’ in the talent, which inevitably allows children to get to know each other better. Every year, at Amici, great friendships and even great loves are born. Some stories don’t continue after the program ends, while others grow even stronger. Today we talk to you about a relationship that did not take off after the experience in the talent show. Also because, according to the person concerned, it was a love that never existed. Here are his words.

“I lived a love story that never really existed”: the former Amici dancer said it clearly

How many love stories were born within the Amici school? Unable to answer with a number. Among the most loved couples of all time there is the one formed by Giulia Stabile and Sangiovanni, winner and runner-up of the twentieth edition of the show. Even last year, however, several stories were born, which literally made the viewers of the talent dream. Like the one between Albe and Serena, or the one between Sissi and Dario: the couples are still united, to the delight of the fans. A story that, however, did not take off is the one between Carola Puddu and Luigi Strangis.

The feeling born in the school between the classical dancer and the talent winner has thrilled the fans since the first weeks. To such an extent that a fandom called ‘Caroligi’ was also born, from the union of the names of the two students. A special relationship that, however, did not go beyond affection and friendship. This was confirmed at the beginning of July by the Sardinian dancer, in an interview with Di Più. Interview through which Carola extinguishes all hopes of the couple fans: “What I experienced with Luigi it was a love story that never really existed. Because after that moment of emotion and fragility between us there is not and there has not been a relationship ”.

Despite this, a good relationship remained between the two: “We remained friends, period. Nothing more. Life goes on and I love mine now ”, underlined Carola, super satisfied with her present and her ever-growing career.

friends history never existed
Carola and Luigi (Credits Witty Tv)

Just in these days, the former student of Celentano met a former colleague of Amici on the occasion of a very exciting work commitment.