Friends of Maria De Filippi, what has just happened leaves everyone speechless

Twist of the scene to Amici: one of the most loved faces of the talent has decided to break the silence on recent rumors leaving everyone speechless.

After two consecutive editions of great success, the return of Friends of Maria De Filippi is much awaited by the public. As every year, only from September on will we be able to attend the formation of the class that will have the good fortune to enter the school. As for the professors, on the other hand, every summer rumors about alleged farewells are chased and in this regard in these days there has been a twist.

Friends, what happened (Credits: Witty Tv)

On the other hand, teachers have always been key figures for the program. In addition to providing their skills in singing and dancing, it is evident that their differences of opinion and their frequent squabbles add that pinch of ‘pepper’ that makes the format a success.

It is therefore natural that there is a lot of interest in discovering as soon as possible who will be the ones who will guide the children in the most magical adventure of their life. For example, last year for many the abandonment of Arisa it was a bitter morsel to swallow and once again one wonders if the teachers will all be reconfirmed or if someone will have to say goodbye to school.

The site of Davide Maggio revealed a sensational spoiler according to which Anna Pettinelli and Veronica Peparini will not be included in the group of teachers of the next edition. On the latter the rumors had become very insistent and, although, there is still no certainty, according to rumors it seems that we will not find it in September. After a few days of silence on the subject, Andreas Muller’s girlfriend decided to intervene.

Friends, all speechless: have you seen what happened?

According to Davide Maggio’s portal, Arisa and Emanuel Lo will take over instead of the two teachers. No official confirmation, but also the columnist Amedeo Venza had endorsed the hypothesis of Peparini’s farewell, explaining the reasons as follows: “Behind Veronica Peparini’s exit there could be some discontent with the program. Sources close to the dance teacher and Andreas know about her (her boyfriend and former dancer of the program) ”.

Meanwhile, the person concerned recently posted a message that could lend itself to various interpretations. Under a video that portrays her engaged in a dance internship, the dance teacher wrote: “I have always chosen to get involved, assemble choreographies, dance, take inspiration and stimuli from the new. But then I have to be my center, I have to do it, always ”. She then she underlines that her family has always lived the dance and that as long as she is driven by passion, she will continue to get involved “.

Friends all speechless
Friends, unbelievable! (Credits: Instagram)

The last word has not yet been said, but would you mind not seeing Veronica again in the program?