Friends, the former protagonist has made a decision: the fans are all in tears

Friends, the former protagonist has revealed in an interview the decision taken: the fans are all in tears.

Friends it is followed by millions of people and each edition reaches record ratings. The twenty-first saw the triumph of Luigi Strangis but also for the other students it was a victory. In fact, experience has given everyone great opportunities for the future.

Friends, former protagonist (credits: instagram)

For example, we have seen singers in different events and on the same stages we have also seen many dancers who have been part of the school. Every year thousands of young people try to enter the talent, including dancers and singers. Entering Amici is a fortune because it offers not only greater artistic training but often already when you are inside producers and singers and great choreographers you can notice a student and offer him contracts and new experiences for the future.

There are many talents that we have known and some have achieved impressive success once out, such as Alessandra Amoroso, Emma, ​​Irama, Sangiovanni, and also the dancers, Elena d’Amario, Giulia Pauselli, Anbeta, Alessandro Cavallo and many others. Unfortunately, a former star of Amici made a decision that left fans speechless: revealed the choice made in an interview with Il messaggero.

Friends, former protagonist made a decision that left fans speechless: what will happen

We have met many dancers and singers at Amici over the past 21 years. Yes, the edition that ended in May was the twenty-first and still today the talent show keeps viewers, both young and old, glued to the television. Once out of the program, everyone takes their own path and for many, success has come strong.

Many singers have been the protagonists of important events and for some, for example, the triumph also arrived at the Sanremo Festival as for Emma, ​​Valerio Scanu, Marco Carta and many others. In the last few hours, news has arrived regarding a former protagonist of Amici. Apparently he made a very important decision, a decision that didn’t please the fans.

friends former protagonist
Former protagonist decision (credits: instagram)

Irama, pseudonym of Filippo Maria Fantigave an interview to Il messaggero in which he talked about his future projects. However, these projects would see him far from Italy. The singer dreams of an international career and has revealed that he is considering moving to Latin America. Over the next few months he will put his ideas together and take some time to travel and figure out what to do: I am thinking of moving to Latin America. I’d like to collect local influences to contaminate my music even more “, he unveiled. At the same time, however, you say you want to make the new Italian pop known to the public of those countries. He irama apparently she would like to move to Latin America for a while and that means staying away from Italy.