Friends, the former teacher surprises everyone: “I broke up”, the story is over

Friends, the former teacher surprises everyone: “I broke up”, the story is over; comes the unexpected confession.

Fans of Friends they can rest assured. The longest-running talent show on our TV will be one of the first programs to return to air in September, after the usual summer break.

Friends (Credits Witty Tv)

Specifically, the first episode of the afternoon will be broadcast Sunday 18 September 2022 and the first ever registration will take place three days before, Thursday 15th September. This is the 22nd edition of the talent show that has made the public dream for many years now. And, speaking of years, today let’s take a step back and tell you a curiosity about one of the teachers of the most famous school on TV. In an interview with Il Corriere della Sera, the former professor of Amici has revealed that he is single and that its history has been over for some time. Below, the words of him in detail.

“I broke up”: the former teacher of Amici confesses to being single

A real revolution, the one we will see at Amici 22 regarding professors’ chairs. Via Anna Pettinelli and Veronica Peparini, inside Arisa and Emanuel Lo, who will again become teachers of the Amici school. But of prof, over the years, we have seen many within the talent. Remember which famous singer he played the role of singing teacher in 2018?

Just him, Alex Britti, who was a great protagonist of the eighteenth edition of the talent show of Canale 5. The Roman guitarist and songwriter was the new entry of that edition together with Stash, who made his debut in the role of prof in the school, after winning Amici in 2015, with i The Kolors. In fact, Britti had already appeared on the show a year earlier, acting as a teacher for a day. But what do we know about his private life?

Interviewed by Il Corriere della Sera, the musician clarifies his sentimental situation, revealing that he has no history at the moment: “I’ve been single for a while. But be careful: I’m a single dad ”. In the interview, Britti explains that the love story with her son’s mother, Nicole, has been over for quite some time: “We broke up when Edo was two, now he’s five. He is a serene child, he lives half with me and the other half with his mother “.

teacher friends left
Alex Britti to Friends (Credits Witty Tv)

These are the words of Britti, who admits that it would be a nice surprise for him if Edoardo decided to follow in his footsteps: “When he was two or three years old he always asked me for the guitar, now not anymore. But he sings well, he is in tune, he knows all the cartoon themes. If he wanted to play when he grew up, core de papa, it would be a great joy for me ”.