Friends, the message that makes everyone cry is just for her: goosebumps

Friends, the message that makes everyone cry is just for her: goosebumps; the words published on social media did not go unnoticed.

Missing less and less at the beginning of a new edition of Friends. The longest-running talent show on our TV will, in fact, be one of the first programs to return to air after the usual summer break.

Friends (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

This is the twenty-second edition of Maria De Filippi’s program, which once again will see singers and dancers grappling with the school’s lessons. Waiting to know the students who will make up the new class, there is a message appeared on social media in recent days that has not gone unnoticed at all. To write it is a former winner of the talent show of Canale 5 and also the recipient of the message to do with the program. Words that touch the heart and that have moved everyone. Let’s find out more.

Friends, the message of the former dancer is creepy: it is just for her

“You are arte and dance in all its forms. You are authentic, you are current, you have a lot of instinct and little rationality “. Thus began the wonderful message that one of the former dancers of Amici di Maria De Filippi dedicated to her partner. Wonderful words, those used by the dancer to describe her partner, also a dancer and choreographer. Did you understand who we are talking about?

Just about him, Andreas Muller. Through his Instagram stories, the dancer has dedicated to his Veronica Peparini a creepy message. A real praise to the talent of her partner, with a note of controversy: “You are a choreographer, you are a visionary, a person who will always live on this. A teacher and a dancer who has the facts behind her to date and not the chatter of Instagram “.

What does Andreas refer to in his message? This is not clear, but the words of the former winner of Amici came precisely in conjunction with the release of the news of Veronica’s farewell to Amici. Apparently, in fact, Peparini will not be part of the dance teachers’ corps of the next edition of the show. After nine years, the choreographer would be ready to leave the program: Emanuel Lo will take her place, whom we have already seen in the school as a hip hop teacher and external judge.

Andreas also praises Veronica’s brother, Gianluca Peparini: “You are the bearing wall of many young people of this generation and of the next. You are inspiration. And I just hope that sooner or later you have… And here I stop ”, she concludes. What did she mean by her last words?

friends message
Andreas’s message (Instagram Credits)

This question also has no answer. What is certain is that for her next engagements and her new adventures, Veronica will always be able to count on the support and total support of her partner.