Friends, two former dancers of the program at the center of gossip: the detail that has not escaped

A gossip about two former Amici dancers is sending the web into a tailspin: you would never have imagined the alleged new couple!

In the latest editions of Friends, in addition to the exciting paths of the boys, the public was also able to become passionate about different love stories of which the talent of Canale 5 certainly did not lack. Some of the sentimental bonds born in the most famous school in Italy continued even after the end of the program, others were abruptly interrupted, but certainly the love of the fans for the boys who were part of it continues today.

Friends former protagonists rumors (Credits: Witty Tv)

If last year to hold the spot on social media was for example the break between Martina Miliddi and Aka7even with the unexpected beginning of a story between the dancer and the singer Raffaele Renda, this year to discuss is another couple ‘broken’. Apart from the amazement that generated the learning that the two had left, to this was also added a really sensational gossip that is going crazy on the web in these hours.

Yes, because according to some rumors, the girl is now dating another former star of the show with whom she recently shared a work experience. To the most attentive then, it has not escaped that the ex would have stopped following both of them on Instagram. Curious to find out who it is? Hard to believe!

Friends, spark broke out between two former faces of the talent: the indiscretion that is inflaming the gossip

The protagonists of the unexpected ‘triangle’ would be Cosmary Fasanelli, Alex Wyse and, hear, hear, Nunzio Stancampiano! Between the dancer and the singer second classified ad Friends 21it’s over: after a first hint from the boy to “a rather special moment” between the two, last July 5th came the definitive announcement from Cosmary who in an Instagram story made it clear once and for all that she was single again.

Then we saw her a Live beats, where he worked in the dance troupe and where he also found his former classmate Nunzio. Well, according to some users, between them there would be something more than a simple friendship: after the experience a Live beatsCosmary and Nunzio have often been caught together between a boat trip witnessed by the social videos of Fasanelli herself, a tour of Naples and an evening in Taormina with the mother and father of the dancer she talks about Webboh.

Some reports received by the gossip expert Deianira Marzano say: “They came to Naples, they were confident, Nunzio said ‘Don’t take pictures otherwise the gossip will come out'”. A user on TikTok then puts forward the hypothesis that the flirt may have originated when the dancer was still engaged to Alex because already on June 3, he says, he saw the two arguing.

In the last few hours, a rather eloquent detail has been noted: Alex removed the ‘follow’ from both of them and the gesture could suggest that the thing has not gone down. A plausible hypothesis also given the friendship that was born with Stancampiano in the Canale 5 school.

Friends gossip
Friends the gossip goes crazy (Credits: TikTok)

Have you noticed these clues?