Friends, where Ramon studied and what he did before entering the school

Amici, where Ramon studied and what he did before entering Maria De Filippi’s school.

Friends of Maria De Filippi is a talent show that started more than 20 years ago. Since it first aired it has done nothing but conquer viewers who have not missed a single episode. At the beginning it was different from what it is today and it also had a different name, Saranno Famosi.

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Over the years it has undergone changes and even the name of the program has passed to Amici. There are many talents who enter the school every time, including dancers and singers. The twenty-second edition began in September 2022, not without twists. Starting off, you will have noticed it right away, from the change we saw behind the professors’ desk. Anna Pettinelli is not there this year and instead of her there is Arisa, while Veronica Peparini is not present behind the dance teacher’s desk. In her place is Emanuel Lo.

During the last few episodes there have been several moments that have captured the attention of the public. Rita was eliminated by her teacher, Alessandra Celentano, while Cricca, a pupil of Lorella, lost the challenge wanted by Rudy Zerbi and so had to leave school. Ramon, on the other hand, received the shirt for access to the evening from the classical dance teacher. Well, speaking of the ballet dancer, do you know where he studied and what he did before entering the school?

Friends, where Ramon studied and what he did before joining the famous school

Ramon Agnelli is a student of this year’s Amici school. He entered when the talent began and in every episode he has always left us speechless with his performances. He was chosen by Alessandra Celentano and the latter, in the last episode, gave her the shirt for access to the evening.

He is thus the first student to move on to the second phase of the talent. Initially, you will recall, he had some arguments with his teacher because of his attitude of hers. In fact, Alessandra considered it inappropriate for school, such as suggesting to others how to move during the episode. Today Ramon is one of the most loved pupils but do you know where he studied and what he did before?

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Apparently, he got into the dance business when he was just a kid. He then attended the Marcelline Institute and also the Ukrainian Academy of Ballet. After his studies he didn’t stop and danced on some important stages, such as at the Arcimboldi Theater and at La Scala and at the Metropolitan. He also participated in the Prix De Lausanne. Now he’s in Maria De Filippi’s school and he’s at the Serale, will he be the one to triumph?