Friuli Venezia Giulia elections, Fedriga: “It is an honor to be the first re-elected governor”

“Work done in 5 years appreciated, pride and encouragement”

“I thank the voters of Friuli Venezia Giulia for having confirmed me at the helm of the Region. An important expression of trust which represents a great responsibility, also because I am the first governor of this region to be re-elected by the citizens”. The outgoing president said so today Massimiliano Fedriga after the data from the regional elections which see it as a clear victory for the governor.

“Knowing that the work done in these five years, marked by Covid and beyond, has been so appreciated by the people – said Fedriga again – represents a pride and an incentive to continue working even harder in order to achieve the objectives of the our program”. Fedriga then wanted to thank the other candidates for the loyalty of the electoral confrontation.

“I would like this second mandate to be characterized by work done on the footsteps of the first, working for the citizens without chasing easy promises. A government action that has the ability to plan the future of Friuli Venezia Giulia in a perspective that looks not at next elections but in the next decade”, he added in the evening.

Among the first programmatic points that the governor identified was the increase in international investments in the region “confirming the positive trend of my first term, the strengthening of the law on the attraction of talents and continuing to strengthen policies in favor of the family also at light of the recent small but significant increase in births”.

Fedriga then highlighted the need to “continue to work as in the past five years, with seriousness and without chasing ephemeral consensus but aiming to obtain concrete results for Friuli Venezia Giulia and its citizens. Healthcare is certainly one of the central themes, due to the shortage of doctors and nurses nationwide, and we are addressing this in dialogue with the government.”

And again: “I did not expect a result of these proportions. And for this very reason I feel the weight of responding to the enormous trust that has been placed in me by the citizens, without easy promises and looking at the long term, not at the next electoral deadline. I will try to demonstrate again that good politics can be pursued without easy electoral promises: my only goal is to look ahead and leave a Region that has made other important steps forward in 5 years,” he said at the opening of the press conference organized in the hall of the Regional Council of Piazza Oberdan after his re-election as head of the Region.

“I’ll just keep working like I’ve been doing for the past 5 years,” he continued. Fedriga confided that for his list he had set “the goal, or perhaps only the hope, of a double-digit result, around 10 per cent. Instead, we obtained much higher numbers: evidently the list hit the target to recover consensus from those who had appreciated our work but perhaps did not recognize themselves in the traditional parties.But all the parties of the coalition – the president wanted to underline – had an excellent result: Forza Italia held, Fratelli d’Italia grew a lot compared to 2018, the League has gone beyond expectations”.