Friuli Venezia Giulia elections, Fedriga ‘wall’ on the Schlein effect

The Pd secretary: “Go on patient but determined”

The sprint of Elly Schlein in the growing polls for the Pd nothing can against the Fedriga ‘wall’ in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Exploit of the outgoing governor, center-right who wins hands down with the League in great recovery on policies. Instead, the Democratic Party does not break free from the percentages obtained in the September vote: around 18%. Indeed it could go under, while the scrutiny is underway. The M5S ally is bad. Once again the Giallorossi alliance does not go to the regional ones. And the Third Pole that ran alone was also bad. In short, a picture that makes clear how much work there is to be done for the centre-left.

Schlein calls for “patience” but “with determination”. The Pd secretary says: “Congratulations to Fedriga, who clearly won in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. We thank Moretuzzo and the whole coalition that supported him for his commitment. Together we will reorganize an opposition centered on political proposals. With patience, but with determination”, he underlines, also addressing his allies.

Meanwhile, Schlein’s Pd focuses on the battle for the Pnrr. The declarations today by the Northern League Riccardo Molinari on the possible renunciation of part of the funds of the Plan increase the pressure on the request for clarity by the dem, who insist on having the government in the classroom. “Total chaos”, the dem complaint. Observes Enzo Amendola, minister with the Draghi government: “The government on the Pnrr in the first 6 months: ‘Let’s change governance, or rather the projects. We are late because of those who were there before, no we are at a good point’. Today another pearl of the League ‘let’s give the money back’. I am in chaos, immediately in Parliament for an operation of truth and transparency “.

The exit of the League worries the Democratic Party. “Molinari is not the last to arrive and even Centinaio in the Senate committee would have hinted at the renunciation of funds… They will end up setting up a commission of inquiry into us who have brought too much money from Europe. What a disaster”, observes a big dem in Transatlantic. The Democratic Party complains that the government has left it totally in the dark about the changes it intends to make to the Plan. “They are negotiating with Brussels without giving the slightest information to Parliament, as if the Pnrr were their private affair”, attack the dem who continue not to accept Giuseppe Conte’s proposal for a common table on the Plan. No table but confrontation in Parliament, the dem line. “We – Schlein repeated in recent days – ask the government for this, to report what is happening because we cannot fail. We are rooting for Italy, we want to see the ambitious projects of the PNR implemented which must serve to relaunch our country.

Meanwhile, between tomorrow and Thursday, these are the forecasts collected in Transatlantico, Schlein should close on the secretarial team. Interlocutions with Stefano Bonaccini’s minority continue to reach an agreement for unitary management. According to what is learned from sources of the dem majority, it is not excluded that we are moving towards the scheme of two deputy secretaries. In pole position for the majority is Marco Furfaro, who could therefore be joined by an exponent of the minority.

It was a request made by the ‘Bonaccinian’ parliamentarians together with that of some ‘heavy’ delegation in the secretariat. However, the one for Foreign Affairs for which Alessandro Alfieri seemed to be in pole position could go to Peppe Provenzano of the dem left. While the delegation to local authorities for Davide Baruffi, very close to Bonaccini, is not excluded. The rumor of Debora Serracchiani’s secretariat entry also continues to circulate but there would be no confirmations at the moment. Schlein’s ‘faithful’, Gaspare Righi, is heading towards the role of coordinator of the secretariat, while Marco Sarracino seems solid at the Organisation. And again Rossella Muroni on the Environment, Alessandro Zan on Rights and Antonio Misiani, the new commissioner in Campania, could be confirmed for the Economy.