From a hotel, China Suárez shook the net in a bathing suit

China Suarez She is very active on social media. She currently has over 6 million on her official Instagram account, where she constantly posts content. This past Sunday, the actress put aside her looks in Qatar for a while and the joys for the Argentine National Team and she showed her sadness.

“And we are running out of photos, videos, but your voice and memories will never forget me. My mouse, the prettiest, I love you forever,” he wrote the China in the caption of a post that included several images of her and her friend Sofía Sarkany. The daughter of the renowned businessman died in Miami on March 29, 2021, at the age of 31, due to uterine cancer that she had been diagnosed with in 2018.

The China she received many beautiful messages to accompany her in the sad moments where she remembers her friend. “Now you can have photos with your daughter, she would surely be happy !!!”, “Love transcends all levels of China. They are on the other side waiting for us to meet again” and “Beautiful, true friendships are eternal !!!! ” were some of them.

China Suarez and Sofia Sarkany. Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

This Monday, the China posed from a hotel room in Qatar in a champagne-colored bathing suit. The post exceeded 300,000 likes and 1,700 comments. “I’m starting the summeroooooo!!! Invite me to the pool eeeeeeeeeeeeee”, “Look what you are, poor Wanda rightly doesn’t even beat you” and “Chinese God ruin my life” were some of them.

China Suárez in a bathing suit. Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

As always, there was never a lack of someone who criticized his body, since his leg was in a strange position. “Pure bone”, “Less meat than the fridge in my house hahaha” and “No money to buy food?” were some of the negative comments that were immediately countered by his closest fans of instagram: “Listen, what a shame your hateful comments are too envious haha ​​I hope you think about your families if you have them and how you would feel if someone wrote those things to you or to yourselves. It’s not coming up and writing baseless insults, learn to keep your opinions to yourself especially if on the body of another person retrograde shit and the worst are pure women who see them throw hate shame give “.