From a yacht, Ignacia Antonia broke the trend with a printed trikini

Ignacia Antonia is an influencer from Santiago who currently lives in Mexico, a country where she has been for two years and developing her career. She started from a very young age at 16 in the world of social networks and currently she is one of the most important influencers in Latin America. Likewise the magazine “Forbes” named her as one of the most powerful women in Chile and was named as the “Latin Influencer of the Year”.

At 21, she already has millions of followers on TikTok, appearances in movies and TV, a line of cosmetics, four published books, and an influencer agency. This year will take place the “TikTok Awards 2023” where ignacia is one of the strongest candidates.

Recently Antonia She has uploaded to her reel some photos of the trip she is taking with her friends in Thailand, where she can be seen on a yacht, highlighting the turquoise waters and the vegetation of the incredible place that the content creator is enjoying. In the main photo of the publication, she is seen wearing a patterned trikini that undoubtedly generates a furor among Internet users.

Ignacia Antonia in Thailand. Source: Instagram @ignaciaa_antonia

And it is that in just one day after those photos were published, it already has more than 300 thousand likes. Let’s remember that ignacia antonia He has 10 million followers on Instagram. She in her TikTok @ignaciaa_antonia she with more than 30 million followers in which videos stand out where she is seen performing choreographies among other viral trends. She has her YouTube channel. “OOPS channel” with more than 3 million subscribers.

Ignacia Antonia in one of her latest Instagram posts. Source: Instagram @ignaciaa_antonia

In a recent post on his feed instagram ignacia He said “Thank you life for allowing me to live these experiences.” And in that post we can see photos of her wearing a brown bathing suit accompanied by an Elephant.