From a yacht, Laura de la Fuente captivated everyone in a swimsuit

Laura of the Sourcedaughter of Angelica Castro Y Christian of the Source, has suffered a lot from exposure since the actor’s video went viral. According to some portals, the young woman did not go to school for a while due to bad timing. In early October, she turned 18 and celebrated with her friends.

In the latest edition of ‘Women without a filter’, Angelica Castro He made Laura participate, who told about the terrible injury she suffered a few weeks ago, a reason that kept her away from the courts for almost a month. At the time of the injury, Laura was playing in the middle of a test to apply for a soccer team days before the National Holidays.

“I was excited at the test, giving my life on the court to stay, I was playing and we had a fall like a domino, the goalkeeper fell, another girl fell and I fell. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t dance, it hurt a lot when I danced (…) I walked like a penguin,” he said. Laura and explained that one of her friends suggested checking the area and there she discovered that she had a small bruise.

Laura de la Fuente in the sun. Source: Instagram @laudelafuentec

Due to the speed of growth of the bruise, Laura of the Source had to undergo surgery. She is currently in very good health. In the last few hours, she even posted a couple of photos on her Instagram account, where she exceeds 200,000 followers. In one she only shows her face and in the second she is seen lying on a yacht wearing a red bathing suit.

Laura de la Fuente from a yacht. Source: Instagram @laudelafuentec

The publication exceeded 9,000 ‘likes’ and 200 comments. One of the first to comment was his father, Christian of the Source, who wrote “Bella!!!! Not just outside. But even more inside #team8”. “Always beautiful, congratulations, there with that sea you look like a mermaid, greetings at home and I invite you to look at what I put up today” commented another fan. His friend Máximo Bolocco left his like, as usual.