From Amadeus to Ferro: all the professional ‘divorces’ of entertainment

Also in the newspapers in recent years are the breakups and management changes of Maneskin, Pezzali and Pausini

From Amadeus to Tiziano Ferro, passing through the Maneskin. The world of music and TV is full of sensational professional ‘divorces’ is that of Ferro with Fabrizio Giannini it’s just the last one on the list. And if the Latina singer and her manager seem, at least via social media, to have remained on good terms, little is known about how things went between Amadeus and the historic manager Lucio Presta. Their separation ended with great fanfare in the newspapers before Christmas but in almost total silence from those directly involved, with the exception of Amadeus’s sentence in response to journalists during the conference of the Rai1 New Year’s show: “The relationship with Presta has closed and he knows the reasons, but people don’t care about that. We are all looking to the future so that everyone can move forward. I certainly won’t talk about these problems in a press conference”, said Amadeus, confirming the end of the very long partnership, which has come to an end unexpectedly just over a month after his fifth Sanremo as host and artistic director.

But the road to success, as we know, is paved with both important partnerships and sensational breakups. Impossible to forget thefarewell of the Maneskins to Marta Donà (formerly manager of Marco Mengoni, Francesca Michielin, Alessandro Cattelan and now also of the rising star Angelina Mango), a few days after the victory of the Roman band at Eurovision. An apparently non-consensual separation given the words with which the same manager who had started following them from the very first steps commented on it: “you have decided to continue without me. I am heartbroken but I wish you the best in life guys”. Replacing Donà was Fabrizio Ferraguzzo who, leaving his position at Sony, accompanied the Roman band when they opened their international market.

Laura Pausini’s breakup in 2013 with her former manager and partner Gabriele Parisi also made people talk. For 10 years the singer from Romagna has been followed by Laura Cerciello, to whom she dedicated a post of gratitude on social media on the occasion of the tenth anniversary: ​​”I know you are reserved Fabri but I would like everyone to see the love I feel for you by thanking you publicly for your dedication, stubbornness and ability to influence my weaknesses and for the courage you have given me in these last years to still believe in myself, even when we argued”.

While in the summer of 2022 the unexpected breakup between Max Pezzali and Claudio Cecchetto, a few hours before the big event in Milan San Siro Max sings in front of 100 thousand people. A rift that has never been mended, so much so that even recently, on the occasion of the docufilm on his career which aired on Rai1, Cecchetto did not forget to remove a few pebbles from his shoe about the singer of 883, calling him ungrateful. Like the best marriages, professional partnerships can end well or badly. And sometimes even having a second chance.