From Amy Winehouse to Tina Turner, the ‘Woman in Rock’ at the Salette in Rome

A journey through the music and history of four great artists – Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, Etta James and Amy Winehouse – made up of stories, anecdotes, monologues, videos and of course songs: it is the musical project of ‘Woman in Rock’, written, directed and starring Ketty Roselli, with the guitar of Luciano Micheli, which from tomorrow to December 5 will be offered to the public in Teatro delle Salette in Rome.

Indirect protagonists will be “four great women who have transformed their troubled events into a unique and inimitable way of singing and being on stage – underlines Roselli – Love and loneliness, together with determination and passion for music, are the leitmotif of this show: each of these extraordinary performers asked, hoped and desired to be loved only for what they were and the great void left helped to create the artistic miracle we know “.

The intent, explains Ketty Roselli, “is not to imitate them vocally, but to make the public relive their experience through their songs, also showing their more human, fragile and defenseless side, with their personal stories, videos , interviews, tying everything dynamically “. All this, through a succession of songs, stories, notes, emotions, during which the protagonist will try to actively involve the audience in the room, for “a travel without interruption between the four stories of life, apparently different but in reality much more similar to each other than you can imagine “.

(from Enzo Bonaiuto)