From an armchair, Andrea Dellacasa raised the temperature to the maximum with a daring bikini

The Argentine moelo, vedette and actress Andrea Dellacasa was once again filled with praise after uploading a photograph on her Instagram account that, as usual, left no one indifferent.

The queen of the Viña Festival in 2011 showed all her attributes in a beautiful shot in which she is seen wearing a pink bikini. The photo was accompanied by the legend “REMINDER: Your value does not depend on the opinion, approval, attention or validation of ANYONE”, before which an Instagram account commented, criticizing the expanelista of Así Somos, with the phrase “Then no upload photos in underwear or in a bikini, except in suggestive poses”.

Andrea Dellacasa in Bikini @andydellacasa

However, and beyond the criticism, most of the comments were supportive and applauding for the beauty of the Argentine model because, as usual, her fans mourn and die for each of her snapshots. “Don’t continue please I can’t take it anymore,,,,,,, my (HEART EMOJI) sped up, what a great body is going to give me a batatu,,, what a rich little thing, “commented a very enthusiastic user, while that another, even happier, told her: “I love you Andrea every day, I would be delighted to marry you, you have a good heart, I saw your campaign for the victims of Viña del Mar, sovereign Queen of the city of Viña del Mar, I I congratulate each day more beautiful, thank you for existing, long life and good fortune.

Also Andrea Dellacasa uploaded this video

Shortly after publishing the photo in a bikini, the protagonist of the famous video “No one is perfect” by the Argentine band Los Caligari, gave away another message and a video in which she looks very pretty walking down the street and wearing a black fantasy dress. The legend says “At this time of year the reflections begin, so keep in mind:
Everything in life comes back (the good and the bad) The love you gave, how you treated others. How you made others feel every light you turned on with your being. The times you helped without seeing who”
and as expected, the likes were not long in coming,

Here the video:

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