From bad weather to spring, here’s what the weather will be like: today’s weather forecast

The weather forecast until Wednesday 14 February

From bad weather to spring. After rain, snow and wind, cyclone Pulcinella is in fact abandoning Italy to move towards the Balkans and leave ‘free reign’ for sunny days and rising temperatures. These the experts’ weather forecast for today, February 12, 2024, and for the next few days. But before the good weather, other rainfall will affect the peninsula.

What will the weather be like? What the experts say

It is Antonio Sanò, founder of the website, who explains what the weather will be like in the next few days. The removal of the Pulcinella cyclonic vortex will still cause precipitation in some regions. The rains, more irregular and less intense than at the weekend, will mainly affect the lower Tyrrhenian Sea and Puglia on Monday and the southern peninsula on Tuesday afternoon and will always be rather irregular. Good weather and a rather pleasant climate will return to the rest of the regions. However, before talking about the expected temperatures, sunny days are also expected on Wednesday (Valentine’s Day) and Thursday. From Friday, however, the pressure will decrease again, causing more clouds.

Thanks to the comeback of the anticyclone, which as has often happened this winter, will have sub-tropical characteristics, temperatures will only be able to increase significantly during the day. The climate will return to take on a spring-like appearance. In fact, in a large part of Italy, daytime temperature values ​​could rise above 14°C and still reach 20°C on the Major Islands. The large Italian cities, such as Milan, Rome, but also Florence, Bologna and Turin are preparing to experience days with temperature peaks of 15-17°C. At least until the end of the month, temperatures will continue to remain above the average for the period. Only the expected drop in temperatures at night should be noted, especially in the North when the values ​​will drop to almost zero degrees in the flat areas.

The forecasts in detail

Monday 12. In the north: sky with scattered clouds, pleasant weather. Centre: some afternoon showers on the Adriatic. South: rains on the lower Tyrrhenian Sea, scattered elsewhere.

Tuesday 13. In the north: sunny with mild weather. In the center: sun and heat. In the south: a little unstable only in the afternoon, but not in Sicily.

Wednesday 14. In the north: all sunshine and pleasant weather. In the center: clear or slightly cloudy sky. In the south: good weather.

Trend: stable weather and no rain until Friday.