From bed, China Suárez shared an intense HOT photo with Rusherking

The china suarez has been in the news again thanks to his latest post on Instagram. The Argentine actress shared a very sensual photo with her partner, the singer rusherking, after several days without seeing each other. The postcard has ignited social networks and has generated various reactions.

The fiery reunion

After spending Valentine’s Day in different places, China Suárez and Rusherking met again in Buenos Aires. The actress, very happy about the return of her boyfriend after several days in New York, shared a photo of the two of them in bed on her Instagram account, which has been considered “hot” by many.

In the image you can see the couple lying in bed, he hugging her without a shirt, while China poses for a super sensual selfie between sheets and love, after a few days without seeing each other. The photograph has generated a great impact on social networks, where the couple’s fans have expressed their joy at this reunion.

Love and dedication to his daughter Magnolia

In another order of things, a few days ago Magnolia, the youngest daughter of China Suárez, turned five years old and her mother dedicated a very emotional message to her on her Instagram account.

“Love of this and all my lives. It’s a pleasure to love you, take care of you, spend life by your side. Thank you for choosing me, I love you with my heart Magnolia,” the actress wrote along with a series of photos showing her growth of the girl within the family.

The relationship between China Suárez and Rusherking

The relationship between China Suárez and Rusherking seems to be going from strength to strength, since the actress does not hesitate to show all the love she feels for her boyfriend on social networks. Since the beginning of their relationship, the former Casi Ángeles has not stopped sharing romantic postcards with Rusherking, who on her part is more discreet on her Instagram profile.

As has been learned, the couple has already visited the singer’s family in Santiago del Estero, where they enjoyed the delicious typical dishes of the northern province. Without a doubt, China Suárez and Rusherking make up one of the most envied couples in the Argentine show business.

In conclusion, China Suárez continues to generate news and capture the attention of her fans thanks to her talent, her beauty and her love life.