From bed Cristy Solís, wife of Marco Antonio Solís, sets the trend and makes her followers fall in love

Marco Antonio Solis, is undoubtedly one of the Mexican artists with the most international recognition and that is not only because of his talent, but also because of his natural charm with which he has stolen millions of hearts over the years. However, the one who has stolen his heart forever has been Cristy Solís, his beautiful wife who is all the rage in instagram.

Cristy Solis She is a success on social media since on Instagram alone she has thousands of fans who hail her for her charm and beauty. Marco Antonio Solís married his current wife in 1993 and they have remained close since then. Together they have formed a beautiful family since they had two daughters.

The Mexican singer, who was the founder of the musical group “Los Bukis”, actually has three daughters: Beatriz, Alison and Marla Solís. The first of them is the result of his relationship with Beatriz Adriana, a Mexican singer and actress, with whom he was associated from 1983 to 1987. In terms of Alison and Marla Solís, the beautiful young singers and influencers of instagramare the result of the relationship of Marco Antonio Solis with Cristy Solis.

Cristina Salas, also known as Cristy Solis She is a former Cuban model who forever fell in love with Marco Antonio Solis. Apparently the couple’s daughters would have inherited their father’s talent and their mother’s beauty since Alison Solís is dedicated to music like Marla Solís who also has her artistic side because she has released her own singles: ” Stay” and “More than you friend.”

Despite the passing of the years Cristy Solis She is still as beautiful as ever, so it is not surprising that she has the Mexican singer enthralled. Just tell me the wife of Marco Antonio Solis He drove his followers crazy after his most recent publication for which he made a captivating video in stories of instagram.

Source: Instagram Cristy Solís