From behind, Belinda raised the temperature in a miniskirt and crop top

Belinda She is one of the most successful Latin singers. However, he was not present this past Thursday, September 17, at the 2022 Latin Grammy gala that was held in Las Vegas. Artists like Karol G, Christina Aguilera, Rosalía, Sebastián Yatra, Thalía and many more were part of the celebration.

Who was also present, and perhaps it was the reason why he did not appear Belinda on stage, it was Christian Nodal and Cazzu. The Mexican’s ex won the award for best Ranchera-Mariachi Music album for EP #1 Forajido at the 2022 Latin Grammys. The regional music singer dedicated his triumph to his current partner, the Argentine singer artistically known as Cazzu.

Nodal has been in a relationship with the rapper for five months. “To my love, to Julieta, thank you for restarting my life and for making me love the awards”, were the words of the former de Belinda after receiving the award. He added: “Thank you to all my fans who are the main reason why I dedicate myself to making music. Second, thank you very much to all the people who support me in the studio, to my buddy Alex, to my buddy Edgar Barrera, to Luis Barrera. I want to thank the entire Sony team for giving me so much love, so much affection.”

Belinda posed in front of the mirror. Source: Instagram @belindapop

In the same moment, Belinda was preparing for a new presentation on the 2000’s Pop Tour. To do this, she wore a black lurex outfit made up of a miniskirt and a crop top that exposed her marked abdomen. Front and back, the artist took selfies that perplexed more than one.

Belinda fell in love with everyone. Source: Instagram @belindapop

On the back, the garment had almost no fabric, only tied straps. The publication of instagram It exceeded 800,000 likes and almost 5,000 comments. Daniella Chávez, the OnlyFans star, commented “Incredible”. “Belinda, please, you have to do another accomplices novel as adults, like if you support me,” a fan implored her.

Belinda also posed on her back. Source: Instagram @belindapop