From behind, Cota Castelblanco shook the net in a bathing suit

The year is ending and all the celebrities are saying goodbye to 2022. Castelblanco coat It is no exception and you have already made a roll of photographs with some images from the photo gallery of your mobile. “At the FACH Graduation Gala with my Máximo dress”, “Eating Flippos outside Creamfields” and “One with my bus in our natural state” were some of them.

The ‘Floribella’ actress is also living happy moments with her little daughter, born in 2020, in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. As part of the celebrations for Mother’s Day that year, dimension announced that she was pregnant while expecting her first child. The striking thing was that her mother became pregnant at the same time, so she was also expecting a little sister.

Cota and Nicoletta. Source: Instagram @cotacastelblanco

The daughter of dimension, Nicoletta, is already two years old and this December 22 she has finished the nursery room dressed as a pixie. “I cried with emotion” acknowledged the actress. “Oh no!!! Maximum nonsense!!! The personality of my little girl. In love up to her feet! And at first when she sees us she tells us “mamaaa”” wrote the young woman next to the video.

Nicoletta as pixie. Source: Instagram @cotacastelblanco

“The pixie plus mine” and “Drooling is little” are some of the phrases that the influencer added in her stories of instagram along with the photographs of his beautiful girl. In recent days, the protagonist of ‘An odd couple’ published a couple of photos on the camera network. In the first of them, she photographed herself from the front with a black outfit.

Castelblanco level. Source: Instagram @cotacastelblanco

In the second image, dimension posed with her back going up the stairs in a bathing suit. The publication exceeded 13,000 likes and 80 comments. “Regia x 1000000”, “Pretty cataaaa” and “Mommy, why don’t you warn… almost heart attack” were some of them. A single follower noticed a curious detail: “The black but cute leg.”

Cota Castelblanco posed with his back. Source: Instagram @cotacastelblanco