From behind, Karol G shows why she is one of the most beautiful women

A week ago Carol G He showed on his Instagram account, where he exceeds 55 million followers, that he changed his famous blue hair for a red one in which he assures that it resembles The Little Mermaid, the popular children’s character. The video in which she showed her new look for the first time has already exceeded 27 million views.

In the last hours, Carol G He has published his first photo session consisting of five photographs where he shows how his hair turned out from all angles. Dozens of red emojis (including hearts, cherries, mushrooms, and dynamites) graced the title of her latest post.

To accompany this look, La Bichota wore a black top and jean pants. The publication of Instagram It exceeded five and a half million likes and nothing more than 73,000 comments. One of the celebrities that she wrote to him in the post was Georgina Rodríguez, partner of Cristiano Ronaldo, who told him “Wow”.

Karol G from the front. Source: Instagram @karolg

The comment that attracted the most attention in the feed of Carol G It was that of the Colombian travel Instagramer Christian Byfield “Que viva el Rojo”. It exceeded 2,000 likes, and many began to comment on the look and even named and labeled Yailin The Most Viral. “Go away to your yailin account, nobody cares about that drugged person here, it’s disrespectful to name that nobody here Ash,” a fan replied.

Karol G from behind. Source: Instagram @karolg

is that without a doubt Carol G She is one of the most loved and respected artists. Even the president of Colombia renewed the images of the video that will accompany the national anthem for the next four years and La Bichota is one of the characters that appears in the clip.

Karol G in profile. Source: Instagram @karolg