From behind, Lucila Vit rocked the net in a pink microbikini

almost a year ago Lucilla Vit she became a mom. This February 7, her baby turns 10 months old and she has shown herself to be a proud mother. “It’s already been 10 months of this inexplicable love… I love you with my life, little princess mom.” On January 31, the celebrity posted a nostalgic photo of her baby bump.

“Now and 11 months ago, in the same place… I remember saying: “to think that in another year I’ll be here playing with my Agus”; and so I am, missing my tummy but loving and enjoying what I live today with her” wrote Lucilla and aroused the envy of her followers: “You are very regal, how do you do it? My baby is also 11 months old, but I still can’t lose weight!”

A few weeks ago, the Chilean nationalized Argentine model was in conversation with The latest news and talked about her present as a mother and her professional future. “I love television. I don’t close myself off to anything, but it has to be where I feel comfortable and that I can share with Agustina (her daughter of hers),” he explained. Lucilla.

Lucila Vit from behind. Source: Instagram @lucilavit

As for show business shows, he clarified why he rejected the proposal to work on show business shows: “I said no, because I don’t feel good talking about others.” A few hours ago, Rafael Olarra’s couple published a few hours ago, a couple of photographs on their official account on instagram.

Lucila Vit in a pink micro bikini. Source: Instagram @lucilavit

Over there, Lucilla She wore a pink microbikini that drew all eyes. “I invite you to see my exclusive photos and videos on,” she wrote to her fans. The publication exceeded 44,000 likes and 470 comments. “How beautiful you are, my love,” the former soccer player told him. “He who can can. The rest of us watch” and “THE TREMENDOUS LUCK OF RAFA OLARRA” commented his fans.