From behind, Rocío Marengo captivated everyone in a lurex minidress

Rocio Marengo She is a multifaceted artist who is always working on different projects, and in different countries. This Tuesday, March 7, in a new chapter of duels in “Aquí se baila”, eight couples faced each other and four of them ended up in the elimination zone, according to the opinion of the jury made up of Neilas Katinas, Karen Connolly and Aníbal. Pachano.

The first duel of the night faced Rocio Marengo and Pancho Solar, who danced the tango “Santa María”, by Gotan Project, against Lisandra Silva and Gianfranco Polidori, who danced the flamenco “Malamente”, by Rosalía. In the return, the juries agreed that the choreography was flat and without a climax and criticized that she danced a tango barefoot.

A few hours ago, Dew He shared photos of Anibal Pachano’s birthday, who turned 68. “I’m going to tell you that today is my birthday. I’m turning 68 pirulos and I’m very happy, in Chile. So now I’m going to celebrate, to record and then a festival. Greetings,” the choreographer told his followers.

Rocio Marengo. Source: Instagram @marengorocio

“Meanwhile… I am with a new project in #Santiago and enjoying the night with friends and mom!! I love you loyal fans and I don’t know how to thank you so much love!!! May everything you wish for me double back” he wrote in the post Dew and posed front and back in a black lurex minidress.

Rocio Marengo. Source: Instagram @marengorocio

The publication of instagram It exceeded 3,000 likes and 80 comments. “Goddess beautiful”, “Great, are you single?” and “What a beautiful happy women’s day” were some of them. Many also asked him for “Damián”, referring to Damián Ávila, one of her companions from El Hotel de los Famosos 2, with whom they assure that she “she looked very caramelized”. However, she has already clarified in stories that she is “happily in a girlfriend”.