From behind, the sister of Yailin La Más Viral paralyzed the network with tight leggings

Jorgina Guillermo Díaz, artistically known as Yailin The Most Viralgot married to Anuel AA Shortly after he ended his relationship with Karol G. In the month of June they got married and from there his international fame as a singer intensified much more, since he added the followers of the Puerto Rican.

The same has happened with some friends and colleagues from the Dominican Republic, as in the case of La Perversa and La Insuperable. The sister of yailin, Kimberly Guillermo Diaz but better known as “Mami Kim” is not dedicated to music but has also increased her number of followers.

Currently, kimberly She exceeds 150,000 thousand followers on her official Instagram account and there are many brands that want her to promote their products or services, such as clothing, lingerie, make-up firms, among others.

Kimberly. Source: Instagram @mamikim_real

In the last hours, kimberly shared a photograph where she is seen posing on her back wearing a tight sports outfit with a colorful print, consisting of a top and leggings. In addition, she accessorized with white heels, braids in her hair and sunglasses.

Kimberly. Source: Instagram @mamikim_real

“LIVE LOVE, RESPECT AND LEAD YOUR LIFE” was the motivating phrase chosen by the sister of yailin to accompany his post, which exceeded 10,000 likes and 112 comments. “Murderer without KILLING”, “There is but you became like your cute sister, I love you” and “But what a strong beautiful mana” were some of them.