From Belen Rodriguez to Chiara Ferragni, used clothing fever breaks out in Italy

For ‘second hand’ there is a boom with 24 million buyers and a turnover of 25 billion euros per year

From Belen Rodriguez to Gue Pequeno, up to Chiara Ferragni, Alessia Marcuzzi, Giulia De Lellis and Tommaso Zorzi. Whether you say ‘second hand’ or ‘pre-loved’, the result is the same: for Italians, used clothes ‘fever’ breaks out, a true parallel economy which in 2022 led 24 million citizens to buy second-hand clothes. The turnover, according to data from the Second Hand Economy Observatory, has reached 25 billion euros and is destined to grow. Per capita spending on second-hand clothing in Italy thus exceeds the threshold of one thousand euros per year (approximately 1,042 euros), involving 40% of Italian consumers.

“Italians they resort to second-hand goods as an antidote to the high cost of living – explains the president of Consumerismo No Profit, Luigi Gabriele, to Adnkronos – The strong growth in retail prices that has characterized the last two years, and which continues today, has forced users not only to cut back on non-primary expenses, but also to change your habits. Therefore, if on the one hand the turnover of traditional clothing and footwear shops is reduced, on the other hand sales in the “second hand” sector are increasing, using e-commerce sites and specialized platforms”.

AND Italian VIPs adapt, so much so that the apps where many local stars like Chiara Ferragni, Fedez, Alessia Marcuzzi sell their clothes are going crazy. In the wake of ‘second hand’ a group of young entrepreneurs and celebrities – from Ignazio Moser to Simone Marini, passing through Cecilia Rodriguez, Giulia Allievi and Maurizio Vaccai – has now even launched a platform where you can sell pre-loved clothes belonging to VIPs, influencers, and personalities from the world of entertainment, sport and social media: Belen and Cecilia Rodriguez, the rapper Gue Pequeno, Giulia De Lellis , Tommaso Zorzi and many others.

“The great innovation compared to the well-known existing second hand markets is that it is only highly selected items from major brands – explains Ignazio Moser, co-founder of the startup called Qhype – Somehow we ‘moved’ the wardrobes of VIPs and influencers onto the shop window. In fact, by going to the site you can choose the ‘closet’ section where there are around 30 wardrobes with clothes divided by VIP accompanied by photos and original tags”. And, as Cecilia Rodriguez posted on Instagram, in recent days the platform has set up a pop-up store in Milan, which will be open to the public until October 29th and will host some VIPs together with their wardrobes, including Cecilia Rodriguez herself, Tommaso Zorzi, Guè Pequeno, Giulia De Lellis and Federico Barengo. All that remains is to try.