From Calderoli’s ‘spider Nuvolari’ to Bernini’s Smart, the ministers’ cars

The car fleet of Meloni government ministers: ‘vintage’ prevails

From Roberto Calderoli’s ‘spider Nuvolari’, the legendary Cisitalia 202 SMM with which the pilot Tazio Nuvolari starred in the 1947 edition of the Mille Miglia, to Raffaele Fitto’s retro 1986 Jaguar to the Smart coupè of the blue Anna Maria Bernini, but also many ‘ordinary’ cars, such as the Mini, the Fiat 500 and other small cars.

Analyzing the assets of the ministers of the Meloni government by x-ray according to what is reported in the latest tax returns, it is discovered that in the ‘fleet of cars’ there is a predilection for vintage. Obviously passionate about vintage cars, the Northern League minister for regional affairs and autonomy is 50 percent co-owner of the most exclusive model of the Turin-based company Cisitalia closed in 1963, the 202 SMM, produced from 1947 to 1948 in just 35 specimens, which reaches high prices on the market. But sifting through the ‘declaration of the 2022 balance sheet’ (the C model in technical jargon), in his personal garage one also discovers an old Cinquecento registered in ’63, a 2009 Mini and a 2006 BMW HP2 motorcycle with attached ‘carriage motorcycle Ellebi of 2011.

The Ministers of Agriculture Francesco Lollobrigida and for Relations with Parliament, Luca Ciriani, have opted for the long-term rental of the Stelvio, Alfa Romeo’s flagship SUV (leasing from 2021). The former leader of Fi in the Senate Bernini prefers a ‘little one’ that is easy to drive in traffic and to park, the 2005 smart for two coupé. Like Calderoli, so too Alfredo Mantovano, undersecretary to the Prime Minister with responsibility for the Secret Services and ex councilor of Cassation, chose a Mini, registered in 2017.

The Minister of Labor Marina Elvira Calderone has focused on the ‘small’ of the French house Peugeot, the 207. In the portfolio of the head of Education Giuseppe Valditara there are three ‘Germans’: a Volkswagen Tiguan, an Audi A1 and a Mercedes Glb 200 Q. The Minister for Disabilities Alessandra Locatelli, on the other hand, ‘rides’ in Toyota Yaris. The outgoing MEP Fitto, now minister of the Pnrr and for the South, does not part with the Jaguar of 1986.