From decorations to gifts, Christmas 2021 is always greener

81% of Italians willing to spend more with a view to sustainability

From decorations to gifts up to the table: the Christmas 2021 is getting greener. This is confirmed by a survey by Veepee, the leading e-commerce site for sales-events in Europe, which among its Italian partners has investigated choices and preferences regarding Christmas purchases and how they will spend the end of year holidays. In addition to the unique atmosphere, this year the conquest party also acquires a green aspect: 81% of the interviewees, in fact, are willing to spend more in terms of sustainability.

The unwrapped gifts. Unlike what emerged last year, characterized by time at home and restrictions, this year Italians speak almost equally, with 59% whose watchword will be last minute while 41% has already led to house on perfect gift. Although Italians have fully entered the era of e-commerce, acceleration on digital purchases chosen by 40% of the voting community, the driving force remains the union of the online channel with the physical one.

Regardless of the purchase method, Christmas 2021 gifts will be targeted and reasonable, 39% of members say they will be purchased only if useful and necessary for those who will receive them. 81% of the interviewees, in fact, said they were absolutely willing to spend a higher amount so that these holidays are more responsible. As proof of this last figure, almost half of the interviewees (49%) will choose educational gifts, able to sensitize even the little ones of the house to environmental issues, and 37% will choose gifts made of natural and eco-friendly materials.

All in family. Family and friends are the staple of our holidays (92%). There is no party or location that can replace quality time spent with loved ones, between the timeless bingo (50%), a cult film (26%) or an outdoor walk among the Christmas markets (15 %). The technology for these holidays will be set aside and will leave room for vis-à-vis. Via the gifs and thematic stickers for Christmas greetings, 44% will rely on handwritten and decorated cards with free space for the deepest feelings and creativity.

A combination of imagination and collaboration also in the choice of gift paper that will be recycled for 24%, with a growing trend: that of Furoshiki, the ancient Japanese art that reuses fabrics to create gift packages.

As for the decorations, 78% of the sample will not buy new ones, but will recycle them from past years. The only exception: thenatural tree chosen by 6% of the shareholders to be placed outside so as not to alter its natural life cycle.

The care of the table. Italians will abandon the disposable, chosen only for practicality by 8%, and will leave space, for 71%, for elegant and fabric tablecloths. The dishes will be rich in local and artisan products (62%) and products purchased at Km0 (17%). For 56% of the interviewees it is not Christmas without good wine and sparkling wine, while 55% never give up traditional dishes and for 47% panettone is the dessert par excellence that creates the atmosphere of Christmas.

The second hand trend also for Christmas gifts

In addition to the focus on eco-sustainable products and solutions, the Italians’ Christmas 2021 also sees the trend of buying second-hand at the center: 30% of users say they buy second-hand products, especially for clothing ( over 60%), but also for furniture and decorative objects (57%) and luxury items (41%), and 40% say they do so for reasons related to ecology, second only to the factor of economic convenience. For 90% of the interviewees, in fact, the commitment and attention of brands to an eco-sustainable approach are elements of fundamental importance.