From energy to climate, CNR-ENEA agreement

For the promotion and implementation of joint research and development projects at national and international level

Collaboration agreement between Cnr and Enea for the promotion and implementation of joint research and development projects at national and international level: it was signed by the presidents of the Cnr Maria Chiara Carrozza and of Enea Gilberto Dialuce. The five-year agreement – we read in a joint note – also has as its objective the valorisation and dissemination of technical-scientific knowledge, the creation, sharing and promotion of research infrastructures, advanced training and the offering of services, as well as the transfer of technologies, products and know-how to third parties.

The sectors

The initiatives will particularly concern the production, transport and distribution sectors power but also technologies and systems for its storage; new renewable energy sources and carriers, including hydrogen; smart grids and smart sector integration; enabling technologies and for digitalisation; renewable energy communities; energy efficiency; space and blue economy; development and application of biotechnology; studies and applications on the atmosphere, oceans and climate dynamics; sustainability and circularity of production and territorial systems; materials and processes for the competitiveness of the industrial system; nuclear fusion.

The methods and forms of collaboration will be regulated through the stipulation of specific implementation agreements. At an operational level, the establishment of a joint Steering Committee composed of six members is envisaged to define the programmatic themes covered by the agreement itself.

“I am particularly happy to renew the long and fruitful research collaboration that binds us to Enea and to direct it towards the exploration of scientific and technological fields that are so important for the future of our societies – states the president of the Cnr, Maria Chiara Carrozza – I The identified sectors, in fact, reflect the challenges that research must face in responding to major global changes. We have a long journey ahead of us, which will be enriched by the union of skills and synergies that this agreement intends to consolidate.”

“This alliance between the two major research institutions at national level provides for strengthened cooperation to identify and develop a portfolio of projects and initiatives for research, development, innovation, training and technological transfer of research results and products – declares the president of Enea Gilberto Dialuce – Like Enea we are particularly satisfied with this agreement which allows us to pool skills, experience, infrastructure, professionalism and know-how in strategic sectors for decarbonisation and the ecological transition and to promote research and innovation technology to promote the growth and competitiveness of the country system”.