From Fiorello the imitator of Meloni who looks like a real premier – Video

The live phone call to ‘Viva Rai2’

Fiorello calls an imitator of Giorgia Meloni live on ‘Viva Rai2’ who looks so much like the original as to generate in viewers the doubt that it is the premier herself who is ‘self-imitating’ according to the game. “Hello Giorgia, are you there? I’ll put you live”, Fiorello begins. “Ready,” says the unnamed impersonator. “It’s the same, already from the ready Giorgia”, says Fiorello, who then asks her: “Can you do the imitation you did for me last night, the one from when Meloni was at the CGIL and made that joke about Ferragni?”. The answer is not long in coming: “I also want to thank those who contest me – says the imitator who looks more and more like the real Meloni – even with effective slogans, I read from the agencies ‘Think unwelcome’, effective slogans even if I didn’t know that the Ferragni was a metalworker”.

The glass explodes in a “very good” for the unnamed imitator of Giorgia Meloni. Then Fiorello asks her for perhaps Prime Minister Meloni’s most famous slogan: “You have to do it…”, says Fiorello and the imitator, who looks more and more like the premier, lends herself, ironically assuming “it’s not easy, she screamed like a crazy, but it was something like: I’m Giorgia, I’m a woman, I’m a mother, I’m Italian, I’m Christian”.

In closing, Fiorello asks Meloni’s imitator: “Who did you vote for?”. And she: “No, I’m on the left!” And then Fiorello presses: “Did you vote in the primaries?”. “No!” is the answer. So the showman’s closing question is a must: “Between Bonaccini and Schlein who would you have voted for?”. The mysterious imitator, after a long sigh, says with the hint of a small laugh: “Oh, ask yourself a question and give yourself an answer”. When asked by Fiorello if he knew how to imitate some other politician, such as Schlein, the imitator Giorgia is peremptory: “No, I can only do Giorgia Meloni”, is the phrase that seems to put the ‘signature’ on the sketch.