From France, Valentina Hites took all eyes in a bathing suit

valentina hites, the captivating It Girl who has made her mark on the world of fashion. recently turned on instagram by sharing a series of stunning photos from their time in France. The young influencer and fashion editor, recognized for her unmistakable style and her vibrant presence on the networks, has once again captured everyone’s attention with her latest adventure on French soil.

Valentina Hites. Source: Instagram @valentinahites

From his days at the Universidad de Los Andes, where he stood out with his outstanding performance while studying journalism, to his experience at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York, valentina hites has proven to be an unstoppable force in the fashion world. With a strong track record on social media, she has cultivated a fan base of more than 13,000 on instagram and has left her mark in various magazines and fashion publications.

Influenced from an early age by her environment and her family, valentine She grew up surrounded by travel and clothing collections that fueled her passion for design and fashion. Her inspiration draws from Europe, where her detailed eye focuses on the design, texture and cut of each garment. As a fashion writer for the Chilean edition of Harper’s Bazaar, Valentina has had the privilege of exploring fashion capitals such as Milan, London, Paris and New York, experiencing the history and energy that drives the industry.

Valentina Hites. Source: Instagram @valentinahites

valentine she has a particular taste for iconic brands like Isabel Marant and Yves Saint Laurent, who epitomize Parisian elegance with their timeless, understated approach. His style, however, is truly unique. She refuses to follow fashion trends and instead stays true to herself, choosing clothes that reflect her authenticity and boldness.

Inspired by bygone eras, valentine finds its muse in the Hollywood of the ’20s and in the brave women’s liberation of the ’50s. Her definition of style is simple and elegant, but always incorporates a distinctive touch that sets her apart from the rest. For the next winter season, Valentina shares her predictions: the return of long coats, oversize sizes and the impressive animal print. In short, Valentina Hites continues to dazzle with her presence and her style, confirming her status as a true It Girl who shines in the exciting world of fashion.